The scientists of lighting.


In the realm of adventure and offroad lighting, few companies shine as brightly as Baja Designs. Established in 1992, this California-based company has built a sterling reputation as a pioneer and industry leader in the world of high-performance offroad lighting solutions. This article delves into the captivating journey and innovations that have made Baja Designs a trusted name among offroad enthusiasts worldwide. Check out some vehicles on revkit using these lights.


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LP6 Pro - The Compact LED Giant

The LP6 Pro by Baja Designs stands as a titan of illumination in a compact form. This 6-inch beacon offers a sweeping 200-degree radius of high-intensity LED brightness, backed by our unique Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT), delivering a formidable 11,225 lumens to slice through darkness. It's the quintessential choice for an array of vehicles—be it Jeeps, trucks, motorcycles, UTVs, adventure vans, or any machine craving a surge of light. Enhance your LP6 Pro experience with an array of bespoke accessories. Shield your investment with rock guards, swap out with fresh lenses, bolster security with robust hardware, optimize with IPT covers, and simplify installation with our custom wiring harnesses. All designed to elevate your LP6 Pro's performance to new heights.